Arkansas Lawn Care

Arkansas Lawn Care. Keep your lawn alive during the hot and dry summer months.

Arkansas Lawn Care

Water Your Lawn

Make sure you keep your lawn looking amazing, know when it’s the best time to water your lawn. Heat can cause your grass to turn dry out and die, try watering more often or in different parts of the day. Waiting until the sun goes down when it starts to cool off, or in the morning around 6-8 am are the most ideal times. Watering at night helps promote new growth, so if your yard is sparse or you just laid sod try watering at this time. Water in the morning to promote absorption of water into the soil, this will get the lawn ready for the heat, and protect against fungal diseases. When watering plants, water more often for flowers and shrubs because they lose water more quickly throughout the day.

The Best Flowers for the Summer Heat

Naked lady flower

Blazing Star is a pink, white, or purple flower that blooms during the summer and fall. Lavender is a great summer plant because it is low maintenance and needs minimal water. Tickseed is a yellow flower that grows best in full sunlight and will last year-round. If you are planting during the summer, try shrubs, perennials, and annuals. A local favorite (pictured here with Birdie) is the Naked Lady aka surprise lilies or magic lilies. They magically spout up in August surprising us with their beauty.



Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is essential for upkeep, and some neighborhoods require it to be at a certain length. To keep it looking nice and fresh, make sure your lawnmower blades are sharp, the mower is set on high, and you leave the clippings on your lawn. The clippings act as a fertilizer by giving back nutrients. Surprisingly, it’s not recommended to mow on a schedule because grass has different growing patterns. For example, in the summer you might only have to mow 1-2 times every 2 weeks, but in the spring, it might need 1-2 every week. Knowing how to care for your existing lawn and landscaping in all seasons will preserve your curb appeal and save you the money on replacing shrubs and sod.

Several homeowners, have decided to remove all grass from their yards and replacing it with rocks, to lessen the amount of water used and lessen the upkeep. A lot if yards in Bella Vista are xeriscaped this way.

Part of keeping a healthy lawn in the summer is training your lawn to be more resilient in the months leading up to the summer. According to the Springdale lawn care company, Turf Team, there are several ways to do this. The first is to reduce your watering in the spring. Infrequent watering will motivate your lawn to adapt, deepening its roots. By watering your lawn too often in the spring, the roots of your lawn won’t be deep enough to survive summer without frequent watering. The second way to help your roots is by aerating your lawn at the correct time, depending on your grass type; typically spring. Lawn aeration helps nutrients make their way into the soil and allows your roots to grow stronger. By prepping your lawn in the spring, it will be ready to handle the hot and dry summer months



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