Dog Friendly Places In NW Arkansas

Dog Friendly Places in NW Arkansas

Like many of us, our 4 legged friends are part of the family so we are always looking for dog friendly places in NW Arkansas. We want to bring them everywhere we go but it is often difficult  because not all business are pet friendly. However, if you are like me, I plan my weekends based on where Birdie, my Mini Aussie, and I will BOTH be welcome. Here is a list of dog friendly places in NW Arkansas. Hope to see you there.

Dog Friendly Places In NW ArkansasStores

  1. Lowes, Home Depot and Tractor Supply: Not only does Lowes, HD, and TS allow pets, they welcome with with open arms and TREATS! The employees are happier to see Biride than they are me! This is also a great place for walkies when it is too cold/hot outside and your pup needs to burn off the energy.
  2. Pinnacle Hills PromenadeLocated in Rogers. The Promenade is dog-friendly! Now you and your dog can both shop ’til you drop! Just be mindful of other shoppers. Sadly not everyone loves your dog as much as you do. Some of the stores themselves are not dog friendly so be sure to have someone with you to watch your pup outside if you need to go in.
  3. Downtown Fayetteville: Most Saturdays during the farmer’s market, the shops in every city usually expect plenty of canines to make their way into the stores, so it’s pretty much common practice now.
  4. Lewis and Clark Outfitters: Located at 4915 S. Thompson, Springdale. This shop offers a full bike shop, outdoor gear, and rock climbing wall.
  5. Beautiful Lives Boutique– This is a great store with or without a pet. It a woman’s 2nd hand store with upscale clothing all donated and proceeds going to several non profit organizations that benefit the lives of other women. This store is located on Township just west of College. Other locations in Siloam Springs and Bentonville.
  6. PetsMart, Petco- Although this is obvious, it shouldn’t be left off our list and should be a must stop on your special day with your dog!
  7. Academy Sports – A national chain that offers all types of outdoor gear and sporting equipment.


All these options have outdoor seating which is typically dog friendly.

  1. Grub’s Bar & Grill Downtown

  2. Sassy’s (Red House & Wedington Locations)

  3. Bordino’s patio

  4. Smitty’s Garage

  5. Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe -outside tables.

  6. Chicken Salad Chicks- outside tables
  7. Foghorns Wings (all locations)

  8. Slim Chickens – locations with outdoor seting.
  9. Damons BBQ – outdoor dining in Biergarten

    Special Menu Items for dogs

    Bliss Cupcakes: “Pup Cakes” .$99 small or $2.99 large

    Einstein Bros Bagels: Doggie Bagels $1.19

    Yum Yo’s: “Pup Cup” free!

    Starbucks: “Pupiccino” (whip cream in a cup)

    Andy’s Frozen Custard: “Pup Cup” free!

    Pedal Pops: “Pupsicle” chicken broth popsicle free!

    Nomads Music Lounge: Puppy smoothies 2nd Sat/mo

    Burtons-Pup cups-free!

Dog Parks

  1. Lake Wilsona 320-acre off-leash dog park located in southeast Fayetteville.
  2. Bark Park  – 2400 N. Walton Blvd. The Bentonville Bark Park is a 1.3 acre off-leash recreation area for dogs and dog lovers, just west of the North Bentonville Trail. The primary purpose is to provide exercise and socialization opportunities for our four-legged friends while promoting responsible dog ownership through events and programs. The fenced in area includes separate sections for large dogs, small dogs, and an agility course.

  3. Bryce Davis Park 1595 N. Dartmouth Avenue Fayetteville – 3 acre dog park. 

For more Dog Friendly Places In NW Arkansas you may want to check out is Eureka Springs. We found the entire town is dog friendly. Even the famed Crescent Hotel. We hope you enjoy some of these suggestions. Please visit us on Facebook and share pics of your outings!


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