Homes with storm shelters in NW Arkansas

With the wild Spring and Summer weather arriving, many buyers are reaching out to us to inquire about homes with storm shelters in NW Arkansas. Although these types of storms do not happen very often here, they happen often enough and absolutely terrifying when they do. If you will recall May 2011, Joplin Mo, which is just North of here, was devastated by a deadly string of tornados. Sometimes seeking shelter away from windows and in an interior room may not be sufficient, so homes with storm shelters are a very nice feature. Let’s look at the types of shelters a home may have.

Homes with Storm Shelters in NW Arkansas



The safest and most complete form of protection is an in-ground shelter, sometimes called a “storm cellar.” These storm shelters are underground to limit your exposure to deadly weather. Concrete and steel are used in the construction.

These shelters offer great protection but require space, so you may not be able to get an in-ground home storm shelter. Reaching them during severe weather can take longer as well.

Underground Garage Shelter

Garage storm shelters have become premium options for many homes in the quest for storm protection. These storm shelters are built under the garage providing the convenience of access from the home with the strength of an exterior concrete storm shelter. You also have easy access to both the house and your vehicle if need be.

Above Ground Shelters

Steel Safe Rooms

Steel safe rooms are a type of storm shelters made of tough steel creating a reinforced steel box. Steel safe rooms are simple to install as long as you have enough room. Steel safe rooms are a great option because they’re simple to install and use existing space, steel is a very strong material resistant to penetration, and are easily accessed from inside the home.

Contrecte Storm Shelter

Concrete storm shelters are another type of solid storm shelters. Concrete is a very tough material that does not conduct electricity, unlike steel or other metals. Concrete storm shelters allow you to build an external structure that would be large enough for all your family members. Concrete storm shelters can offer a number of benefits including being a very strong, stable structure and work well for homes without an attached garage with enough yard space for installation.


Inground shelters will cost you more money. They require excavation and construction. Concrete is also extremely expensive by the square foot.

To have a proper shelter, costs will often exceed $10,000.

Above-ground structures offer excellent protection for less. Having a modular storm shelter means that you can turn anywhere you have a concrete pad into a protected area for your family. Above-ground structures vary in cost but are cheaper than in-ground shelters.

We want all our families and friends to be safe and prepared for any type of weather. If you need more recommendations for contractors to install a shelter in your existing home, please let us know. If you want to see a list of available homes with storm shelters in NW Arkansas, please reach out and we can send you homes with that specific feature.

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