Pre Made Thanksgiving in NW Arkansas

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Let’s face it, this year is not traditional as it is, so why break your back and sweat over the hot stove to prepare a large meal. You likely won’t have as many guests this year any way due to CDC recommendations. With that being the case, many of are searching pre made Thanksgiving in NW Arkansas. We searched around and found several places offering this super easy way to celebrate. This way you can get out and celebrate the wonderful outdoors instead!

pre made thanksgiving in NW Arkansas

Here are the local places offering pre made Thanksgiving in NW Arkansas. Call and place your order in advance!

  1.  Harps Grocery stores – several locations in NW Arkansas. Offering the whole sha-bang! Turkey, sides, breads, pies and more.
  2.  Damon’s BBQ – Located on MLK in Farmington. Offering deep fried turkey as well as a few sides. They are partnering with their neighbor, Briar Rose to supply pies and breads.
  3. Penguin Ed’s – Offering Smoked meats, stuffing and gravy.
  4. Cracker Barrel – Another business offering all the works. Not a locally owned business by a trustworthy meal non the less.
  5. MartketPlace Grill – Offering all the works as well at a person person price.

No matter where you go or if you stay home and play it safe, we wish you and all your family a very happy Thanksgiving. We are all thankful to be able to serve this great community we love! If you are here visiting and decide to you want to make the move here, let us know and we can help you find a home.


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