Relocating to NW Arkansas

Relocating to NW Arkansas

There continues to be an influx of new residents relocating to NW Arkansas. Drive around the area and you will see license plates from California and plenty from Texas as well as many other states. The steady job market here as well as the non-stop outdoor activities and lively cultural scene keeps this speedy pace going. Once the decision has been made to move, no one really tells you what steps to take to become an official Arkansan (Yes, that is what you will be called now). Being a transplant my self, I have first hand experience on what you should, step by step.

Relocating to NW Arkansas

Getting an Arkansas Drivers License

The first thing you will need to do is have proof of social security number.You will need ONE of the following

  • Social Security Card
  • W-2 with applicant’s name and FULL social security number
  • Form 1099 with applicant’s name and Full SS #
  • Pay Stub with applicant’s name and FULL SS#

Proof of residency. You will need TWO (2) of these items. Items must have applicant’s physical address (no PO Box) and applicant’s name

  • Pay stub with employer’s name and address from within the last 6 months
  • Utility bill in applicant’s name from with in the last 6 months
  • Bank Statement with Arkansas address in applicant’s name
  • Deed, mortgage, lease agreement in applicant’s name
  • Current homeowners, renter or vehicle insurance policy with Arkansas adress
  • Valid AR hunting/fishing license
  • Valid AR concealed handgun Carry license
  • Current State or federal tax return
  • College enrollment document

Special Circumstances

This is all fine and dandy assuming you are relocating to NW Arkansas, getting a regular paying job and renting or purchasing a place. However, if you are like me and moved here not as a W-2 employee but as a 1099 (independent contractor), then what do you do? I was also living with my significant other so did not have a lease or mortgage.  Here is what I had to do to get my license. I called my auto insurance and had it switched over to Arkansas. I had them send me the Declarations Page, this had my new address and name on it. This is an acceptable proof of residency. I also informed my financial institution of my new address, which I needed to do anyway. These 2 documents as well as my SS card were enough to allow me to become official!

Getting your Arkansas Car Tag

Coming from Florida, relocating to NW Arkansas, this part was very confusing to me. In Florida and in California, where I have also lived, the process seemed a bit easier. In Arkansas it is a bit of a process. Here is what you need to know and have this information gathered before embarking on this venture. You will need to go to a “Revenue Office” to get this taken care of. They can be found through out the area. I went to the one located on MLK behind Aldi. Often these places can be packed so plan on being there a while.

  •  Before renewing your license you are required by Arkansas law to assess your vehicle with your county assessor. They will have an assessor in the revenue office to help you with this.
  • You will need your odometer reading.
  • The title to the car if you outright own it. If you have a loan, you will need the exact address of the lender.
  • You will need to pay personal property taxes on the car. This amount is determined by the revenue office.

Relocating to NW Arkansas

You can also register to vote while you are getting all this taken care of. I hope all this info helps you if you are relocating to NW Arkansas like I did. If you have not moved and are still looking for a home, please take a look at our home search tool and let me know if you want to take a look at any homes or need more info.




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